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SEO Training Course - MOZ

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this chapter of my #Education, I show what I've learned during the SEO Training Course at Moz in 2017.


Moz's logo on a white background. Moz is a SEO software and provides tools and resources for a smarter marketing.
Moz's square logo.

About Moz

Moz is a SEO consulting firm based in Seattle and founded in 2004.

Since 2007, it also launched independent tools to assist costumers in search engine optimization and a scalable crawl of the entire web.

My certification

In April 2017, I attained Moz’s Search Engine Optimization Certificate, attending successfully the following classes:

  • How search engine operates;

  • How people interact with search engine;

  • Why search engine marketing is necessary;

  • The basics of search engine friendly design and development;

  • Keyword research;

  • How usability, experience and content affect rankings;

  • Growing popularity and links;

  • Search engine tools and services;

  • Myth and misconceptions about search engines;

  • Measuring and tracking success.

This is the MOZ's SEO Training Course certificate attained by Alberto Carniel in 2017 and released by udemy.
Alberto Carniel's SEO Training Course certificate by udemy and Moz.

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