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Inbound Certification - HubSpot

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this chapter of my #Education, I deepen what I've learned with the Inbound Certification attained from HubSpot Academy in 2017.


HubSpot Academy logo on a white background. HubSpot Academy provides marketing and sales education.
HubSpot Academy logo.

About HubSpot

HubSpot is a service provider which helps companies to create, manage and develop inbound strategies.

It provides software for CRM, marketing and sales, and it gives an educational service with the HubSpot Academy.

My certificate

I got my Inbound certification in August 2017, attending successfully the following classes:

  • Essentials of an effective inbound strategy;

  • Optimizing your website for search engines;

  • Creating content with a purpose;

  • The fundamentals of blogging;

  • Amplifying your content with social media;

  • Enticing clicks with Calls-to-Action;

  • The anatomy of a landing page;

  • Guiding the next step with thank you pages;

  • Sending the right e-mail to the right person;

  • The power of smarketing;

  • Taking your sales process inbound;

  • The pillars of delight.

This is the HubSpot Academy's Inbound certification attained by Alberto Carniel in 2017.
Alberto Carniel's Inbound Certification by HubSpot Academy.

Interview with Dan Tyre

While my Chick'n'Mango project was still operational, I met and interviewed one of the most popular HubSpot directors, Dan Tyre.

In 2017, during Philadelphia Tech Week, I interviewed him about the smarketing concept and how sales and marketing can coordinate to identify the best moment to sell a product or service in the buyer journey.

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