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Updated: Dec 11, 2021

In this chapter of my #WorkExperience, I will tell you about my job position at Perfume Worldwide, which I began in September 2020 and ended in September 2021.


Perfume Worldwide squared logo
Perfume Worldwide squared logo.

About Perfume Worldwide

Perfume Worldwide is a distributor and wholesaler headquartered in Ronkonkoma, NY (USA) which sells and exports beauty products worldwide. It is part of a larger group under the umbrella of Perfume Center of America which also includes a logistics and warehouse provider, 3OVO Logistics.

After a few months of employment, they decided to focus the marketing efforts under a new specific department that they named Patina Brands. I mainly worked under this department.

About Patina Brands

Patina is a strategic growth investor which fuels and supports the growth of beauty brands. They actively manage a portfolio of over 1,000 brands like Pupa Milano, Aeropostale, Cristiano Ronaldo, IDUN Minerals, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz.


September 2020 to September 2021. Employment type: full-time.


Managed over $2M/year advertising budget;

Best Amazon Advertising ROAS: 9.

Derek Lam Amazon Advertising performance
DEREK LAM - Average 6.7 ROAS and 14.8% ACoS

HealFast Amazon Advertising 5 ROAS
HEALFAST - Average 5.4 ROAS and 18.5% ACoS

Human+Kind Amazon PCC performance
HUMAN+KIND - Average 5.4 ROAS and 18.4% ACoS

Reuzel Amazon Advertising performance
REUZEL - Average 5.3 ROAS and 18.8% ACoS

Main activities performed

  • Managed digital advertising campaigns on different international platforms and markets (Amazon Advertising, Walmart Ad Center, Google Ads, eBay Ads, social media ads);

  • Used AI and ad automations to drive sales on multiple marketing channels (eg: Sellics, Helium10, Sprout Social, Kenshoo...);

  • Managed the Amazon Advertising team: about 5 people.

I started as an all-around advertiser from ecommerce and marketplace publicity to social media. As the team grew, I focused on Amazon and Walmart, supervising a portfolio of about 100 brands.

My primary objective was to ensure a consistent positive ROAS for our clients and set up my team for success.

Client facing and performance oriented, I consistently hit the company’s sales targets reaching an average 6 ROAS with peaks of over 9.

From a nonexistent workflow structure, I introduced Teamwork as a project management tool and trained cross-department teams to successfully keep track of their performance and organize their time efficiently.

From a basic and domestic advertising automation structure, mainly based on Sellics and Helium 10, I led the transition to an overarching AI system for multiple countries, marketplaces and marketing channels based on Kenshoo.

Main technologies used

  • Admin: Google Workspace, Office;

  • Advertising: Amazon Advertising, Walmart Advertising, Facebook Ads;

  • Graphic design: Adobe Photoshop

  • Marketing automation: Helium 10, Sellics, Seller Labs, Kenshoo;

  • Project management: Teamwork and Slack;

  • Reporting: Google Data Studio;

  • SMM: Sprout Social.


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