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Founder - Chick'n'Mango

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this chapter of my #WorkExperience, I will tell you about my entrepreneurial adventure at Chick’n’Mango from 2016 to 2018.


Be different, make a difference

Chick'n'Mango's square logo on a black background
Chick'n'Mango's logo.

About Chick'n'Mango

Chick’n’Mango was founded by Alberto Carniel and Alexandra Malysheva in 2016 as an international blog of travel, fitness and marketing.

After less than one year, Alexandra left the team and it forced Alberto to re-brand the blog by transforming Chick’n’Mango into a firm based upon travel, fitness and marketing to help organizations around the world find their inner belief and inspire people to action.

Alberto continued to explore how fitness, travel and marketing positively impact organizations till the end of December 2018, when he decided to quit this long entrepreneurial adventure.

Since the day it was born, Chick’n’Mango has collaborated with many important brands around the world like Unilever, Retro Fitness, McFIT Group, HubSpot and Esercito Italiano.

Trusted by over 40 organizations worldwide, it was a 5-star reviewed brand on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Business.


April 2016 to December 2018. Employment type: self-employed.


Built an international community of 40k followers and published videos with 5k average views;

Reached over 1.5M views in a video made in partnership with Dating Beyond Borders;

Reached over 1.2M views and over 700k views in a video and song parody made by YouTube Fa Cagare.

Main activities performed

  • Created amazing content (images and videos) and collaborated with over 40 organizations to spread common values;

  • Helped young people access culture by publishing easily digestible knowledge nuggets everyday.

This experience gave me a lot. I had the opportunity to meet and interview many celebrities in the marketing, fitness and travel sectors from whom I have learned tips, secrets and mindset.

I have partnered with many multinationals and SMBs around the world, so that I could get to know their strengths and weaknesses.

I experimented with blogging and vlogging techniques which allowed me to improve my graphics, copywriting, video making/editing and design skills, particularly by using software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and FinalCut Pro X.

I tested different landing page approaches, learned more about the legal side of managing a business and, overall, Chick’n’Mango gave me a great chance to build my reputation.

After almost three years of activity, I have decided to quit and move on by focusing on my personal brand.

Main technologies used

Accounting: Wave Financial;

Admin: G Suite, Keynote, Pages and Numbers;

Advertising: Google Ads and Facebook Ads;

CMS: Wix;

Email marketing: Ascend by Wix and MailChimp;

Graphic design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Pixlr and Snapseed;

Project management: Teamwork;

Reporting: Google Data Studio.


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