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Google Academy For Ads

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

As part of my #Education and professional development, I enrolled at Google Academy for Ads to acquire new digital marketing knowledge and skills.

On this page, I have gathered all the Google certifications attained. It means there are courses from Google Academy for Ads and also from other external sources (but always featured by Google).

Table of contents

  1. The Digital Garage;

  2. Google Analytics Individual Qualification;

  3. Google AdWords certifications: AdWords fundamentals; AdWords Display Certification; AdWords Search Certification.


This is The Digital Garage logo on a white background. The Digital Garage is a digital marketing course powered by Google which teaches you fundamental best practices to operate online.
The Digital Garage course logo.

About Google’s project

The Digital Garage is a series of tutorials powered by Google about the digital world: from website building to online marketing.

This project has won many prizes, among which the European Digital Skills Award.

My certificate

In April 2017, I attained Google’s certification, The Digital Garage, completing every module test and final exams on these topics:

This is Google's The Digital Garage certificate attained by Alberto Carniel in 2017.
Alberto Carniel's The Digital Garage certification.
  • The online opportunity;

  • Your first steps in online success;

  • Build your web presence;

  • Connect through e-mail;

  • Get started with search;

  • Get discovered with search;

  • Make search work for you;

  • Be notice with search ads;

  • Improve your search campaigns;

  • Get started with analytics;

  • Find success with analytics;

  • Get noticed locally;

  • Help people nearby find you online;

  • Get noticed with Social Media;

  • Deep dive into Social Media;

  • Discover the possibilities of mobile;

  • Make mobile work for you;

  • Advertise on other website;

  • Deep dive into display advertising;

  • Expand internationally;

  • Make the most of video;

  • Build your online shop;

  • Sell more online.


Google Analytics horizontal logo on a white background.
Google Analytics logo.

In January 2018, I attained Google Analytics Individual Qualification, completing every module and exam. The course was split in two parts:

  • Google Analytics for beginners;

  • Advanced Google Analytics.

This is the Google Academy for Ads's Analytics Individual Qualification attained by Alberto Carniel in 2018.
Alberto Carniel's Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

About the course

Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a training course, powered by Google Academy for Ads, focused on the use of Analytics: a powerful tool of analysis and monitoring which can eventually work with many integrations, such as AdWords.

It covers basic and advanced concepts. This includes: planning and principles; implementation and data collection; configuration and administration; conversion and attribution; reports, metrics and dimensions.