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Updated: Mar 25

In this chapter of my #Education, I present the achievements attained at the Saint Joseph's University during the post-graduate degree course in International Marketing Management in 2017.

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  1. International Marketing Management.


  • Full scholarship (by the European Social Fund).


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Cura personalis

Saint Joseph's is a Jesuit Catholic University in Philadelphia (PA, U.S.A.). It believes in the Ignatian credo of cura personalis. For over 160 years Saint Joseph's has escorted students along their development path with a rigorous Jesuit education. It also pursues to be an inclusive and diverse community that educates and cares of the whole person.

International Marketing Management

During the summer 2016, I prepared an educational project to tender for a European full scholarship which I won. I was selected and received funds to attend a post-graduate degree course at Saint Joseph's University, specializing in International marketing management.

Alberto Carniel's post-graduate degree in International Marketing Management.

The classes started on January 2017 and finished on March 2017, and I deepened the following topics:

  • Social Media and organizations;

  • Strategic Change and Leadership: A Gestalt Approach;

  • Innovation and Design Thinking;

  • International marketing.

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