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Technical SEO - SEMrush Academy

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this chapter of my #Education, I show what I've learned during the Technical SEO course at SEMrush in 2019.


SEMrush logo
SEMrush logo.

About SEMrush Academy

SEMrush is an online visibility management platform that allows you to analyze and monitor your website and your competitors’ website on Google.

Some of the many features of this tool are:

  • Checking your Google ranking position for specific keywords and comparing it with your competitors;

  • Comparison between websites positioning;

  • Checking the quality and sources of inbound links, the best performing keywords and the traffic that they generate.

Instead, SEMrush Academy is the e-learning platform made available by SEMrush itself to teach you how to use the tool and the best practices in digital marketing with a particular focus on advertising and SEO techniques.

Technical SEO Exam Certification

I attained my Technical SEO Exam certification on the 11th of January 2019, attending successfully the following classes:

Internal linking

  • Introduction to internal linking and accessibility of content;

  • Prioritization and relevancy;

  • Seasonality, link hubs, multiple linking, no-follow;

  • XML sitemaps.

Crawling and Indexation: Best Practice for Controlling Web Crawlers

  • Introduction to crawl budget optimization;

  • The crawler landscape;

  • User-Agents/Reverse-DNS;

  • Robots.txt;

  • Robots Meta tags;

  • Canonical tags.

Advanced Crawling and Indexation

  • Strategic crawl management;

  • Faceted Navigation/RPG;

  • Pagination;

  • X-robots header.

HTTP Response Codes

  • Introduction to HTTP header fields and response code;

  • 3XX: redirects (301 vs. 302, redirect chains);

  • 4XX: client-side error handling (404 vs. 410, etc.);

  • 5XX: server-side error handling and maintenance (incl. retry-after header).

Log Files

  • Intro to log file auditing;

  • Log file auditing tools and their differences;

  • Log file auditing reports;

  • Overlaying crawl and log file data for better results.

International SEO

  • Introduction and multi-/international domain setups;

  • GEO redirects and CDNs;

  • Hreflang setup.

Web Performance

  • Intro to web performance optimization, Metrics/Measurements/Tools;

  • Site Speed Basics: Client-side;

  • Site Speed Basics: Server-side;

  • HTTPS, SSL and HTTP/2;

  • Advanced site speed optimization: images, custom fonts, CRP.


  • Structured Data/;

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages;

  • JavaScript SEO Basics;

  • Google’s Mobile First Indexing Intro.

Technical SEO Exam certification
Alberto Carniel's Technical SEO Exam certification from SEMrush Academy.

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