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Senior Digital Marketing Strategist - OpenForge

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this chapter of my #WorkExperience, I will tell you about my job position at OpenForge from 2019 to 2020.


OpenForge logo on a white background
OpenForge logo.

About OpenForge

OpenForge is a mobile application development and design agency based in Philadelphia (PA, USA) focused on Ionic and Angular.

The two main departments, development and design, collaborate to deliver not only a mere product, but also training in lean startup and design thinking.

Jedidiah Weller, CEO and founder of OpenForge, is an expert technologist and developer who started his entrepreneurial adventure as a Co-CEO of Webjunto in summer 2014. After four years, this project was closed and OpenForge rose from its ashes.


March 2019 to March 2020. Employment type: contract.


Increased the marketing department productivity by 32%.

Main activities performed

  • Created highly converting content for SEO and social media (blog posts, videos, images...);

  • Implemented funnels and digital strategies to increase mobile app conversions.

I met Jedidiah (better known as Jedi) during Philly Tech Week 2017 and, from that moment, he became not only a friend, but also a partner for a few amazing collaborations.

I agreed to help OpenForge as a freelancer in digital marketing activities and strategies. Since they never had a web marketer in their team, I successfully introduced the inbound methodology in the company and now, they have finally built a small online marketing task force.

Working in remote from New York City, I supported their activities of SEO, online positioning, video making/editing and paved the way for a consistent digital marketing strategy.

OpenForge team picture
OpenForge team picture. Location: the Poconos, PA - USA. Photographer: Brittany Boote, 2020.

Main technologies used

  • Admin: G Suite;

  • Advertising: Google Ads;

  • CMS: WordPress;

  • Graphic design: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere;

  • Project management: Slack and Teamwork;

  • Reporting: Google Data Studio.


My relationship with this dynamic company started in 2017 when I interviewed Jedidiah Weller and his designer and brand strategist, David Machov, about design thinking and lean startup.

On that occasion, I discovered Jedi’s passion for gym and bodybuilding, so I decided to interview him again.

This time, I didn’t interview him as an entrepreneur, but as an athlete.

New York Comic Con was coming up and Jedi had only 3 months to transform into Kratos, the God of War.

Kratos challenge required a hard training and diet that he shared with Chick’n’Mango audience.


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