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Associate Professor of Digital Marketing - Enforma

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this chapter of my #WorkExperience, I tell you about my job position at Enforma from 2017 to June 2019.


Enforma (Mantuan Educational Institution) square logo on a transparent background
Enforma (Mantuan Educational Institution) logo.

About Enforma

Enforma (Mantuan Educational Institute) is a social enterprise born in Mantua in 2003.

Enforma provides continuing education and professional training for individuals and companies.

It has two Italian offices, in Mestre and Milan.


January 2018 to June 2019. Employment type: freelance.


Successfully directed and taught in 5 courses (15 to 20 students per class);

88% of my students found a job in the next four month after the end of the course.

Main subjects taught

  • Traditional marketing;

  • Digital marketing;

  • Communication;

  • International marketing;

  • Strategic digital marketing management;

  • Digital advertising and affiliate marketing;

  • E-commerce;

  • Social Media.

I motivated young professionals to go the extra mile to achieve their business and life goals.

I lectured during single events (sometimes co-hosted by LaborClub) or long courses (from 1 to 3 months), and handled their marketing and promotion.

I took part in 5 projects:

Digital Gladiator course's final event

At the end of each course, my students have to work on a marketing project to test the skills acquired along the way.

In 2018, the Digital Gladiator masterclass was such a success that the final project became an actual event.

Sooner or later, every great experience comes to an end, but my digital gladiators ended it in a blaze of glory!

Main technologies used

  • Admin: Microsoft Office and G Suite;

  • Advertising: Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads;

  • CMS: Wix;

  • Email marketing: Ascend by Wix;

  • Graphic design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X.


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