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Digital Marketing Manager - dIoT thermo

Updated: May 17

In this chapter of my #WorkExperiences, I tell you about my job position at dIoT thermo in 2017.

Table of contents

  1. About dIoT thermo;

  2. Digital Marketing Manager;

  3. Testimonials.


  1. Launched the product in the USA: 1000 leads in the first year.


digi thermo logo.

About the company

dIoT thermo (previously called digi thermo) is a company based in Philadelphia (PA, U.S.A.) which produces high tech IoT sensors which monitors and cares for HVAC customers' AC units. It collects information and sends it directly to the costumers' service provider.

It allows a preventive maintenance service, improves customer care and locks in existing customers.

dIoT thermo mobile app is full customizable and allows HVAC services to send tailored offers directly to customer's smartphone, ultimately saving on their marketing budget and increasing revenue.

dIoT thermo is a new generation of high quality, accurate and cost-effective sensors, able to evaluate real air conditioning performance and diagnose potential trouble. A real cutting edge IoT sensor.

It is easy to install in any air conditioner vent, register or diffuser, thanks to a multi-mount system.


I worked for dIoT thermo as a digital marketing manager from July to October 2017. I handled the brand digital strategy, social media, newsletters automation, website and realized new fresh content.

I dealt with specific marketing tools such as Unbounce, Teamwork and many other platforms which allowed me to face the digital world and exceed in project management.

My main goals were to gather new marketing leads and boost the company’s online presence by using growth hacking, lean start-up and design thinking processes.

Interviews with the CEO

I always considered Marco Bonifaccino, CEO of dIoT thermo, a man of great courage and entrepreneurial spirit, since he decided to risk everything by starting a business from scratch abroad, in the United States.

The first interview is about why a company should be based in a co-working space. In particular, this video was recorded in partnership with WeWork, the host of dIoT thermo.

Who better than Marco, CEO of a brand new startup, to explain the advantages of using a co-working space as an office?

The second video was recorded in partnership with another type of co-working space called NextFab.

In this interview, Marco explained how to start a business in the US and gave some entrepreneurial advice from an Italian perspective.



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