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International economics - University of Padua

Updated: May 17

In this chapter of my #Education I deepen my studies at the University of Padua (Italy) during 2011-2015.

Table of contents

  1. International Economics;

  2. My thesis: "Role and evolution of humanitarian aid in the Italian Development Cooperation".


Logo of the University of Padua.

Universa universis patavina libertas

The University of Padua was officially founded in 1222, but its roots date back from the Middle Ages. Thanks to its historical origin and long educational tradition handed down to one generation of professors to another, the University of Padua is considered one of the best in Italy.

International Economics

In 2015, I graduated from the economic department of the University of Padua with a specialization in International Economics. During my studies, I passed the following exams:

Alberto Carniel's university degree in International Economics.
  • Computer science abilities 3 ECTS*;

  • Business economics 9 ECTS;

  • Economy developing countries 9 ECTS;

  • International economics 9 ECTS;

  • Principles of private law 9 ECTS;

  • English 9 ECTS;

  • Macroeconomics 9 ECTS;

  • Mathematical methods in economics 9 ECTS;

  • Microeconomics 9 ECTS;

  • Statistics 12 ECTS;

  • Economics and services management 9 ECTS;

  • Economics and corporate management 9 ECTS;

  • Principles of public law 9 ECTS;

  • Marketing 9 ECTS;

  • Sociology 9 ECTS;

  • Economic statistics 9 ECTS;

  • Labor law 9 ECTS;

  • International political economics 9 ECTS;

  • Financial science 9 ECTS;

  • Regional development 9 ECTS.

*European University Credits.


Alberto Carniel with his parents: Cristina Infante and Carlo Carniel.

Role and evolution of humanitarian aid in the Italian Development Cooperation

I decided to analyze the role of Italy in the international cooperation programs. I deepened the evolution of humanitarian aid in the Italian Development Cooperation.

Among the many topics discussed, I also mentioned the #MilitaryCorpsOfTheRedCross. The latter is one of the biggest players in the international aid programs as much as the I.R.C.

Inasmuch I belonged to the Military Corps with the rank of Commissioner Lieutenant Junior Grade, it was very important for me to describe its work for developing countries.

You can find my thesis here. It is available only in Italian and if you decide to use some parts of it, please quote me.


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