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Senior Digital Marketing Strategist - Rain Tonic

Updated: May 17

In this chapter of my #WorkExperiences, I tell you about my job position at Rain Tonic in 2018.

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  2. Senior Digital Marketing Strategist;

  3. Testimonials.


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Rain Tonic logo.

About the digital agency

Rain Tonic is a digital agency based in Padua (Italy) focused on functionality and web design. It’s a light company which mainly provides three macro-services: strategy, development/programming and design.

Founded in 2018 by three partners, Luca Potti, Luca Bianco and Lisa Rui, Rain Tonic fights every day to save the world from chaos and boredom.


I worked at Rain Tonic from January to September 2018 as a senior digital marketing strategist. My main role was to create strong and effective digital marketing strategies for the company’s international clients.

I began with an in-depth and precise market research approach to find out more about a company’s specific business context, market trends and competition. Then, I deepened my analysis on competitor's digital assets and deconstructed their marketing approach and strategies.

Once this step was completed, I’was finally able to develop a smooth action plan to drive clients towards their goals.

I managed complex projects which involved many players that required the use of both traditional and digital marketing knowledge and skills. I gave advice on all aspects of strategy, which can be represented by: pricing; product/service development, delivery and optimization; communication channels; digital platforms; external providers; time to market and key line of attack; social media; advertising and monetization; mobile app and website; lead generation…



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