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Marketing and digital strategy - John Cabot University

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this chapter of my #Education I explain what I achieved during my post-graduate degree at the John Cabot University during 2016.


John Cabot University's logo on a white background. This is the JCU's shield with its latin motto: Explorando Excello.
John Cabot University escutcheon.

About the John Cabot University

The John Cabot University was founded in 1972 in the hearth of Rome (Italy) and is an independent, four-year liberal arts university.

The American practical approach teaching method and the international environment are the spearheads of the JCU educational program.


Full scholarship by the Italian Social Security Institute.

My degree

In January 2016, I won a full scholarship to study at an American university in Rome. So, I started a post-graduate degree course at the John Cabot University, titled Marketing of the public and private organizations and digital strategy. I completed it on December 2016 and studied the following subjects:

  • Vocational guidance;

  • The organizational variables;

  • Communication and sales techniques;

  • Principles of Marketing;

  • English grammar and conversation;

  • Marketing plan;

  • International business English;

  • The international culture in the business;

  • Marketing of the service industry;

  • Innovation and new technologies;

  • Public administration marketing;

  • Human resources management;

  • Innovation and product;

  • Innovation and development;

  • Digital marketing and social networking;

  • International marketing;

  • Strategic marketing management.

This is the Jhon Cabot University's post-graduate degree in Marketing of public and private organizations and digital strategy, attained by Alberto Carniel in 2016.
Alberto Carniel's post-graduate degree in Marketing of the public and private organizations and digital strategy by John Cabot University.

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