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Wayfair sponsored products from A to Z: run your ads like a pro

Want to successfully promote your products on Wayfair, but can’t get a solid grasp on how Wayfair advertising works?

Mi amigo, you are in the right place.

In this article, I’m gonna show you how to use Wayfair Sponsored Products to advertise your listings and generate a positive ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

You will learn how to navigate the different reports and use them to your advantage.

Like a pro.

When switching from the advanced Amazon marketing ecosystem, you realize how difficult and complex things are.

Wayfair is no exception.

For this reason, I want to share with you a few tricks to make it a little bit easier. Happy reading!

Table of contents:

  1. Wayfair advertising options: Products vs Shops;

  2. Wayfair Sponsored Products: Product Based Sponsorship;

  3. Wayfair Sponsored Products: Keyword Based Sponsorship;

  4. Wayfair reporting and campaigns optimization.

Wayfair Sponsored Products guide
Ultimate guide to Wayfair advertising by Alberto Carniel.


In Wayfair partners’ console, you have two tools to advertise your products: Wayfair Sponsored Products and Wayfair Sponsored Shops.

While the first option is designed to promote single items, the latter allows you to advertise an entire product category or portion of your catalog.

If you have a background in Amazon Advertising, you may compare Wayfair Sponsored Products with Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns and Wayfair Sponsored Shops with Amazon Sponsored Brands.

The image below represents an example of sponsored products:

Wayfair Sponsored Products ad example
Wayfair example of Sponsored Products ads. Note the text "Sponsored" beneath the search results.

You may see this ad type on a product detail page too, but the concept is still the same: one-item promotion.

The image below shows sponsored products and shops together:

Wayfair Sponsored Products and Shops example
Wayfair example of Sponsored Products and Shops ads. Note the text "Sponsored" beneath the search results.

Wayfair Sponsored Shops can also appear in different locations (like at the end of a search feed page) or have various creative formats (for example, instead of depicting just a brand image, they can showcase a series of products).

Wayfair Sponsored Shops on search feed
Example of Wayfair Sponsored Shops ad at the end of a search feed page.

Wayfair Sponsored Shops with multiple products
Wayfair Sponsored Shops example with multiple sponsored items..

Wayfair Sponsored Shops with ad blocker
Example of Wayfair Sponsored Shops publicity blocked by a Chrome ad blocker extension.

KPIs and sales attribution

You may want to use these two advertising options for different marketing objectives.

Sponsored products campaigns work better for the final part of a buyer journey, therefore your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should focus on conversion-related metrics.

The first part of the marketing funnel is covered by sponsored shops which aim at brand awareness objectives.

While tackling all stages of a buyer journey including different ad types is usually recommended, you must test the campaigns yourself and adjust the advertising strategy according to your performance.