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The best 5 Amazon FBA product launch strategies (2022)

Updated: May 9, 2022

If you are searching for legit strategies to launch and market your products with Amazon FBA, this is the place to be.

In this full guide, I’ve included all the proven profitable methodologies that allow you to launch your product on Amazon, rank higher for specific keywords and successfully advertise your listings on Amazon Advertising (formerly AMS: Amazon Marketing Services).

As always, all of my marketing strategies are perfectly legit and you won’t find shady cheats or shortcuts that violate Amazon policies.

If you have an Amazon Vendor Central account you won’t be able to exploit all the strategies mentioned in this article, since you might have different options and tools available. Not to mention the different business relationship in place with Amazon itself, since you are the supplier and Amazon is the client.

For laymen, having an Amazon Vendor Central account means you are selling directly to Amazon. The latter is your client and you are its supplier. Having an Amazon Seller Central account means you are using Amazon as a marketplace.

Well, without further ado, let’s begin.

Table of contents

  1. Get your product reviewed before launch with Amazon Vine;

  2. How to get more reviews with Amazon marketing automation;

  3. How to get more reviews with Amazon package inserts;

  4. How to launch and market a product on Amazon with advertising;

  5. How to rank higher in the search with Amazon giveaways.

Amazon product launch formula
Alberto Carniel explains the best proven strategies to launch and market a product on Amazon.


The first strategy I want to show you is how to launch a product with Amazon Vine. The objective is to get your listing reviewed before you invest in advertising or other publicity.

While reviews are not necessary to launch a product (read the next chapters to discover why), they surely increase trust and contribute to higher ranking.

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is a program that gathers Amazon’s most trusted reviewers and invites them to share their opinion about a new or pre-release product… after they have tested it for free, of course!

Positive Amazon Vine review
Example of positive Amazon Vine review.

Users have to satisfy several criteria before they become Vine voices and the program is invitation-only.

Leaving a review is not mandatory, but Amazon updates the voices pool regularly in order to keep the most active reviewers.

On the other side, businesses must:

  • Be a brand registered in Amazon Brand Registry;

  • Sell the product with the FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program;

  • Sell a non “adult product”;

  • Have less than 30 reviews on the product detail page;

  • Have already launched (published) the product at the moment of enrollment;

  • Have available inventory;

  • Have an image and description.

Amazon Vine might charge an enrollment fee depending on the season, product sponsored and other internal marketing criteria.

Usually, it’s pretty much affordable and sometimes there is no fee at all!

There are some limitations, tho.

For example, the quantity of Vines available (the products that you can enroll in) can vary. So, you should be very selective and only enroll your best items.

Amazon Vine's enrollment limits
Amazon Vine's enrollment limits. Selling Partners are allowed a limited number of concurrent active enrollments.

You may also have caps for the amount of units you can give away per each Vine.

Amazon Vine's enrollment details page
Screenshot of Amazon Vine's enrollment details page.

Basically, if your ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) is eligible for enrollment, your Vine will be active in 24 hours and you’ll start seeing reviews after15 days (based on Vine’s worldwide reviewer population as of December 2019).

Why you should use Amazon Vine

If you believe in the uniqueness and quality of your product, you have nothing to fear.

In fact, you don’t have any control over Vine reviews and aren’t allowed to contact the voices directly.