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Imagine what you could do if your Amazon Advertising console displayed a nice 24 ROAS?

How amazing would it be to grow your business’s online sales by 1,550.75%?

These are just a few ROIs I provided to my clients and employers on Amazon.

I help online businesses like yours grow on Amazon. FAST.


Entrepreneurs come to me when they have one (or all) of these Amazon problems:

They don’t know how to launch their products on Amazon and don’t know the best strategy to approach and scale the marketplace.

They are already advertising on Amazon with poor results (high ACoS, low ROAS).

They are sick of paying crazy fees for unworthy and disorganized digital agencies. 

They want to spend their whole marketing budget, but Amazon doesn’t deliver their ads fast enough to cap it.

Any of these sounding familiar?

If so, pick an Amazon Advertising plan and start working with me!

Regardless if you are a Seller or Vendor, I’ll take the lead on your Amazon accounts and:

Maximize your ads profitability based on your target ACoS and ROAS.

Scale Amazon search with on- and off-Amazon marketing strategies. 

I’ve been doing this since 2015 and collaborated with over 40 private and public organizations worldwide, becoming a 5-star reviewed consultant.

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Still doubtful?

Check out my case studies:

If you're still reading this…

It’s time to do business together.

Pick a plan and start working with me!


Do you also manage Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) ads?

Yes. If you have a monthly budget of at least $15,000, I can run programmatic display, video and audio ads on- and off-Amazon. To handle your Amazon DSP ads, I’ll apply additional fees according to your monthly budget and specific needs.


Do you have experience in cross-platform advertising (eg: Google Ads, social media ads...)? 

Yes. I can run cross-platform ads off-Amazon and include advanced marketing techniques like chatBOTs, email marketing and shared audiences. To handle off-Amazon ads, I’ll apply additional fees according to your monthly budget and specific needs.


How do you handle Amazon performance issues (eg: Buy Box ineligibility, high ACoS...)?

The advantage of having me to manage your Amazon PPC campaigns is that you will always know what is causing underperformance. While I’ll promptly take action to optimize your ads (eg: high ACoS, low ROAS), I’ll tell you how to solve other impactful issues like Buy Box ineligibility, low IPI (Inventory Performance Index), listings’ low traffic and conversion rate. If you want me to solve non-advertising issues, I’ll apply additional fees accordingly.


If we decide to start working with you, what do you need right away?

I need admin access to your Seller or Vendor account (not only to the advertising console). This is because I use marketing automations that require API integrations. In addition, I review your Amazon Business Report over time. I will not manage your ads without the permission to access your Business Report. You also must provide the target ACoS for each sponsored product category, eventual videos for Sponsored Brands campaigns and other assets for Amazon DSP. 


Where are you located?

I’m an international e-commerce and digital marketing consultant headquartered in New York City (NY, United States) who serves businesses operating in the US and Italian markets. I also have an office in Philadelphia (PA, United States) and Padua (Italy). However, I only work remotely.


Do you sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)?

Yes, I do. Only if the NDA doesn't affect my freedom to do business as a digital marketing consultant.

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