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The economic consequences of COVID-19 have affected all of us. I can’t stand aside and watch hundreds of helpless small companies run out of business.


So, I’ve decided to give my contribution, albeit small, to New York small businesses by offering $10,000 to be invested in digital marketing.


This financing must be paid back in full, without interest, within 12 months after signing the contract.

I will select a limited number of businesses according to:

  • Their financial statements from 2017 to 2019;

  • Their actual business model;

  • The degree of expected profitability from the introduction or development of a digital infrastructure or digital marketing system.

The financing must be invested in digital marketing products and services offered and executed by Alberto Carniel. It doesn’t cover third party products or services.


We’ll meet in a conference call and discuss your company’s objectives and what I can do to help you achieve them.

We’ll come up with an action plan and a written agreement.

We’ll work together to implement from scratch or develop an existing marketing system.

I’ll focus on the most profitable digital marketing activities that can tangibly grow your business. My performance will be evaluated according to KPIs and metrics that really matter like sales, leads and ROI.

It will be a team effort with only one objective: generate profit.

The financing must be paid back no later than 12 months after contract signing.




Why are you offering financing?

I want to help the New York small business community digitize their business model and generate revenue from alternative online sources.

My objective is to prove I’m capable of moving your business to the next level. I believe my customers’ success is the best measure of my own performance.


Where are you located?

I’m an international e-commerce and digital marketing consultant located in New York who serves businesses operating in the US and Italian markets.

In any case, I only work remotely.

What is your ideal entrepreneur who you would like to do business with?

I’m seeking ambitious entrepreneurs who believe in what they sell and are not afraid to grow with digital marketing.

They must have the necessary mindset to eventually change inefficient company processes and invest in multiple small tests, sometimes out of the ordinary, before they validate a strategy.

Do you sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)?

Yes, I do. Only if the NDA doesn't affect my freedom to do business as a digital marketing consultant.

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