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Strategic Marketing Consultant - Glen Mills Schools

Updated: May 17

In this chapter of my #WorkExperiences, I tell you about my consulting work at The Glen Mills Schools in 2017.

Table of contents

  1. The Glen Mills Scholls;

  2. Strategic Marketing Consultant.


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About the school

Founded in 1826, The Glen Mills Schools is a private organization located in Glen Mills (PA, U.S.A.) which provides education, training and social development programs to adjudicated young delinquents.

The juvenile delinquency is a social fact and the mission of the school is to change anti-social behavior to pro-social and provide the necessary personal skills to sustain that change.


I worked at Glenn Mills Schools as an external marketing consultant from January to April 2017. I chaired an advisory board of 3 other marketers and acted as a work director. We helped the institution to develop and change its internal communication processes.

I carried out an internal survey using, mainly, face to face interviews with the personnel, in order to understand the weak points of the system and come up with possible solutions. After the first analysis phase, I interpreted the data and provided recommendations on the marketing operational strategies they should undertake.


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