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Updated: May 17

In this chapter of my #WorkExperiences, I tell you about my job position at CBS (Creative Business Strategies) in 2018.

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  2. Digital Marketing Consultant.


Business Consulting in Padua

Creative Business Strategies (CBS) logo.

About CBS

Creative Business Strategies is a consulting business in Padua (northern Italy) specialized in business development, marketing management and internationalization.

It was founded in 2018 to help SMEs in Veneto to face the challenges of digitalization and emerging markets.


I worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant at CBS from January to September 2018. Consultant, because I was hired with a temporary management formula and I usually executed my tasks remotely.

I was responsible for the company's marketing department and linked directly to the board of directors. I had to simplify processes by selecting the best marketing strategies according to the budget.

I managed the internal communication campaigns and coordinated successful events with CBS’s partners. I dealt with offline/online events (from ideation to planning the next follow up) and planned their communication.

I also managed Creative Business Strategies' online presence (strategy, social media, SEO, UX, branding, performance marketing, blog, newsletters) according to the budget and developer’s skills, and all web marketing service providers.

As the only web marketer in the company, I worked with CBS’s clients as an international digital marketing consultant.


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