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in New York City

Some of the brands that have worked with me:


with a significant track record in SMBs operating in the US and Italy. Whether you need to boost your e-commerce sales or unleash your brand full potential, I'm the professional that gets the job done. Take advantage of my bold crossover expertise in web marketing:

  • App store optimization;

  • Competitor analysis;

  • Digital marketing strategy;

  • E-commerce management;

  • Email marketing;

  • Lead generation;

  • Market research;

  • Marketing Automation (workflows);

  • Marketplace (Amazon - eBay);

  • Search engine marketing (SEM);

  • Search engine optimization (SEO);

  • Social media management.

5 yellow stars Google reviews

Alberto Carniel is rated 5/5 from 30 reviews on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google



I believe in lean processes and results driven strategies. I never miss a deadline or break a contract.


This is why entrepreneurs love working with me.


I'm the first digital marketing consultant to offer ongoing and all-inclusive consultancy plans. You can even hire me as a fractional manager to guide and train your online marketing team.


Schedule a strategic marketing consultancy with me and let's fire the engine!

If you want to send me a personalized business inquiry or need assistance, feel free to contact me.



Why should I hire a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is a must-have asset that ensures transparent consultancy and guidance without a conflict of interest. In other words, an online marketing consultant operates independently and only acts in your best and exclusive interest.


Where are you located?

I’m an international e-commerce and digital marketing consultant headquartered in Philadelphia (PA, United States) who serves businesses operating in the US and Italian markets. My New York office is in Dix Hills, however I only work remotely.


How much does market research cost?

My market research starts from $1000 and varies according to the customer’s specific objective. I will study in detail your industry and your product/service to deliver strategic data-driven market research with opportunities, threats and viable strategies to take over the market. You will also understand the actual profitability of an industry. Proper market research represents the preliminary step to lean startup. Book a free talk with me to get more info.


How much does a competition analysis cost?

My competition analysis starts from $1000 and varies according to the customer’s specific objective. I analyze your digital competition according to over 50 qualitative and quantitative key factors. I will create a full report with graphs that help you visualize data and break down each dimension. My starting price includes the analysis of 9 online competitors. Book a free talk with me to get more info.


How much does a digital marketing strategy cost?

My digital marketing strategy starts from $3000 and varies according to the customer’s specific objective. I intend to develop a data-driven and profit-oriented digital marketing strategy to grow your business online. This is a high-end, custom and all-embracing product which includes specific market research and a competitor analysis. Book a free talk with me to get more info.


How much does a strategic digital marketing consultancy cost?

My strategic digital marketing consultancy consists of a 1-hour one-on-one meeting on Zoom and costs $300. Usually, customers send me all the necessary material 3 days before the meeting, so that I can analyze it and provide a more accurate consultancy. Book a free talk with me to get more info.


Who is your ideal entrepreneur to do business with?

I’m seeking ambitious entrepreneurs who believe in what they sell and are not afraid to grow with digital marketing. They must have the necessary mindset to eventually change inefficient company processes and invest in multiple small tests, sometimes out of the ordinary, before they validate a strategy.


Do you sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)?

Yes, I do. Only if the NDA doesn't affect my freedom to do business as a digital marketing consultant.

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